Fancy running but not sure if you can?

Want to lose weight and get fitter?

Used to run but have got out of the habit?

Don’t have anybody to run with? Think running groups are scary?

Human Energy is a friendly, informal Wool-based running group. We come in a range of ages, shapes, sizes and abilities!

We all like to enjoy our running and that means different things to different people so we don’t have lots of rules, nobody will shout at you (except in encouragement!) and it won’t be like sport at school!

For new runners, you can start from scratch, walking and running. If you’ve done a little bit, we can help you to build your distance or speed (if you want to).  Although lots of us go to Park Runs or enter races, it’s fine if you don’t want to.  It’s all about enjoying what you want to do.

We have a closed Facebook group which is great for finding out who will be there on Wednesday and Sunday, planning route options depending on what people want to run and the time they have, car sharing to races, and also for planning additional runs outside our usual two sessions.  Once you’ve run with us, we’ll add you if you want to join.  (It’s only a closed group so that we know who we are sharing information with).

We meet on Wednesdays at 7pm in D’Urberville Centre car park and on Sunday mornings at 9.30am in the parking area on the right hand side as you approach the Dorset Green entrance.   Come and join us.

For more details, call Roberto Panter on 01929 288 318 or come and talk to us on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning or contact us via the contact form on this site.